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A conversation between holistic health practitioner Maxime Zahra, MSHN and Durham, NC psychotherapist Clare Stadlen, LCSW, CEDS in which we discuss how to establish balanced moods and freedom from cravings and dependency through natural methods, using food as medicine and Neuro Nutrient Therapy to balance neurochemistry. It’s transforming lives! Unedited. 

A rich dialogue between Maxime Zahra, MSHN and Rav Batya Friedland on the topic of grief and the purpose of mourning, beginning with the Kaddish, a Jewish prayer recited in honor of the dead and for comfort of those in mourning. Unedited.

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The Alkaline Way 

The Joy of Food: The Alkaline Way Guide 

eBook by pioneering functional and preventive medicine doctor Russell Jaffe, founder of the Health Studies Collegium, a think tank that focuses on sustainable solutions for global health needs. This book is the best resource you will find with methods for optimizing and sustaining pH in the health-promoting range.