Can you imagine Health Care that meets you on all levels of your body, mind and spirit?
Integrating the most current research with ancient wisdom, Prasad Nutrition is a sacred space for you to discover, recover, restore and re-boot.


Prasad is an ancient Sanskrit word for Grace.


Prasad Nutrition is a Wellness Coaching Service guiding discovery of what nourishes you most, creating the results you seek for your health and life. For those who wish to develop their own innate guidance system, recover from painful symptoms and conditions, or prevent disease, we provide targeted, holistic nutrition planning that supports your brain and body to come online powerfully and effectively, to do the work you are built for.



Discover a way of nourishing yourself that is optimal for you, at this time in your life. My Breakthrough Health System follows your individual process, progress, and pace, meeting you with the information and encouragement you need, when you need it, to achieve the highest intentions you hold for your health, function, and purpose.

We have individual and group programs, distance learning and coaching, from the comfort of your own home, which enable you to integrate the particular habits you need for a lifetime of Healthy, Sexy, Vibrant YOU!


Meet Your Guide, Holistic Life and Health Coach
Maxime Zahra, MSHN

Maxime Zahra, MSHN

I developed a passion for preparing nourishing foods as a young child, baking bread with my father. As a result of personal health issues, I learned methods of cooking and eating that eliminate allergies, depression and many complex health conditions. Food can be an art form, where we create with flavor, texture and color. I often sing and dance while preparing food. It’s good medicine!

Around 2000, a deep yearning for community and a more natural way of life  led me to residence at Kayumari, a community with a retreat center and mystery school in the wilderness of the Sierra Foothills. There I cooked  for residents, guests and our wisdom elders, designing and preparing meals for people on cleansing and purification programs, I trained to  to guide people in spiritual emergence, undergoing profound states of healing and transformation.


Healing from the Roots

I went through a series of healing ceremonies for myself and my family, and was initiated into practices of indigenous medicine. At the same time,  I learned the value of high raw foods, the transformation-sustaining  sacred foods and ceremonies of traditional cultures, and studied  the powerful and subtle energies of plants, foods and healing states of consciousness, Ayurveda and Medical Herbalism. The benefits of these ancient healing arts I now bring to my students and clients through Prasad.
In 2003, I opened Café Soma, Sonora California’s first organic café and juice bar, a community food co-op and resource for fresh, local produce.  I began teaching and consulting at that time.
I have a Masters of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University and specialize in Neuronutrient Therapy, having been trained by Julia Ross, author of The Mood Cure and The Diet Cure. I bring a Functional Nutrition approach to your healthcare through continuing education with Dr. Datis Kharrazian, Glen Zielinski, Linda Clark, and Dr. Brandon Brock.


I am devoted to Mother Earth and to the consciousness which is calling us to act with clarity, commitment and the purpose of sustaining and caring for life.  As humans becoming healthy and balanced, our capacity for pleasure and love expands. It is a privilege to step into your healing, become grounded and at peace in your body, to feel yourself balanced and in alignment with the Earth, and opening to Her gifts, guidance and grace. I invite you to experience all this and so much more.

A Gift

Are you committed to your health, to regaining and sustaining your natural joy and vitality? You must be motivated to tranform your health and well-being, as you’ve read every word up to now and have made it to the end of this page. So that you will always know the value of perseverance, I have a gift for you, like a seed, a sacred space that births hope and fresh new life. Click on the button below to schedule a complimentary Health Breakthrough Session. You have nothing to lose but your pain.